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Our Mission: Defashion by 2030

Our mission is to challenge and transform the values behind our clothing systems, acknowledging that the throughput of the fashion industry needs to be reduced by 75-95%.

Fashion Act Now urges a crisis response to dismantle the dominant globalised Fashion system predicated on growth, oppression and planned obsolescence. It calls that response Defashion, the role that Fashion must play in degrowth.

Defashion is a transition to post-fashion clothing systems that are regenerative, local, fair, nurturing and sufficient for the needs of communities.  

Fri, 24 May 2-3.30pm

Stour Provost

Assembly for a Fashion Commons at Defashion Dorset: How to Foster a Local Clothing Culture

Fashion Act Now and Our Common Market are excited to bring Assembly for a Fashion Commons to Dorset. Join us at Defashion Dorset: a sustainable fashion event promoting Fibre Growers & Makers and a local clothing culture

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