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The Barn is the home of Hawkers Re-Creatives, a hub for Sustainable Fashion and much more.  Join our drop-in stitching group on Thursdays, learn how to; mend, make a skirt, upcycle a garment or embroider or just enjoy the company of like minded people.

The barn is open on Thursdays 10 - 12.30 and occasionally on Saturdays 

call to check 07801 240103. Sessions are free.

Stitch it Together    Make new clothes and new friends


In Stitches               Embroidery  

Mend Save Love      Because some old clothes are too precious

                                   to throw away 

Mend & Make New   Upcycling textile waste into new garments

Second to None       Natural fibre secondhand clothes for sale

Wabi Sabey              Upcycled saris and redesigned clothes for sale

Wear Me Out            Library of clothes with outfits for weddings,                                                                                parties and special occasions, including handbags & hats. 

With special thanks to Charity Charity for her wordsmithery skills

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